Being a Mum isn’t always easy…and it’s the most important job on the planet. We are raising the next generation, and that’s a big responsibility.

Things can get in the way of how we want our family life to be…our stuff, our children’s difficult experiences and what’s going on around us.

There are ways to make things feel so much easier, and create better outcomes for both us and our children.

Connection + Understanding = Easier Parenting (& happier children)

About Me

22552505_1593679700652406_5127586024860913220_n (1)I’m Jennie Harrison, Mum of Dexter and Violet and married to Danny. I’m an Energy Healer and Connected Parenting Coach  and have been supporting Mums and their children since 2011, helping Mums and their Little Ones to overcome and heal from trauma and difficulties. I help Mums to have a greater understanding and deeper connection with their children