Understanding this makes life happier


There’s no doubt about it, being a mama can feel like really hard work.

We so desperately just want to do our best for them…for them to be happy and to get the best out of their life, and spend half the time feeling like we’re really screwing up

When we’re preparing to have a baby, we do all of the practical preparation but no one can prepare us for the emotional responsibility we hold right from conception

Knowing that their childhood experiences shape the rest of their life is huge…especially when we don’t seem to be able to help them with everything (our need to fix and make everything right, so that we don’t see them struggle, is in-built it seems)

Often this can come from knowing how our own childhood struggles have affected us throughout our adults lives…we don’t want our Little Ones to carry round such heavy emotional baggage

two_heartsWe don’t want them to grow up not believing in themselves
two_heartsWe don’t want them to grow up not feeling good enough
two_heartsWe don’t want them to grow up with unresolved issues

The thing is that we don’t need to fix everything, but we can support our Little Ones on a much deeper level when we have a greater understanding of what is happening for them beneath the surface

We know about their emotional and mental development, but there’s so much more going on…and once we understand more about it, we can connect on a deeper level AND help them with it


Chakra cycles!

We have energy centres within us called chakras and related to each one are different emotions.

Each year in our lives is connected to a chakra and therefore to different emotions and emotional development…these are chakra cycles

When we pass through the 7 main chakras, it creates a 7 year cycle

When we have difficult experiences and aren’t able to process them, they can cause energetic blockages in our chakras and impact our emotional development and our emotional resilience.

As we pass through our 7 year cycles, whatever is stuck comes back up…and again and again.

This is how we can still be processing our childhood stuff later on in adult life

Learning about and understanding more about these chakra cycles can not only help us understand ourselves, but can also help us to support our Little Ones better in both the long and the short term.

In the short term, we will understand each year exactly what our Little Ones are experiencing on a deeper level, and will be better equipped to nurture their emotions (meaning they will be more likely to be able to process and release their experiences and difficult emotions, meaning they are less likely to experience energetic blockages)

In the long term, understanding will enable us to help our Little Ones process and release what may have got stuck in a previous cycle.

Whatever happens, the more we understand, the deeper we connect, the less stuck emotions our Little Ones will have and the happier they will be…sounds simple doesn’t it!

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