Once Upon a Time There Was a Girl

Wow what an intense couple of weeks this has been! Last week we reached the end of an eclipse cycle where we had a full moon with lunar eclipse and then a new moon with partial solar eclipse (and a few solar flares thrown in for good measure!) It’s been a massive time for old stuff coming up to be healed, processed and released…it was a time to shed what we no longer need, so that we can become more whole and who we truly are. It’s not always easy and I’ve got a story to tell you why…

“Once upon a time there was a little girl. Something bad happened to the little girl, but she was too little to have the words to tell anyone and it was too much for her to deal with, so she buried it away deep inside her. Even though it was buried, it created a belief in her and set a pattern that would stay as long as the experience was buried. Throughout her life she had similar experiences that gave her the opportunity to heal, except she didn’t know…they were too hard too, so she buried them as well.

All of these experiences told her a story about herself that she believed…the story was a lie.

The girl grew up and found happiness, but there was always something…something that held her back, that stopped her reaching her potential. She just couldn’t work out what it was. She worked on healing her past, all of those experiences that had hurt her…she just couldn’t work out what it could be. It was like there was a piece of the jigsaw missing, stopping her from being who she was destined to be.

It was only when she had a baby girl and saw her acting out fears that weren’t her own, that she remembered what had been buried all of those years ago. She needed to heal herself to prevent her little girl from taking on the experience as her own (it’s important to remember at this point in the story, that the baby girl would have been there at the time as an egg, so when the experience was stored energetically it was stored in the egg too) However painful it was to remember, she owed it to herself and her children to heal, process and release the experience

As she remembered, all of the patterns throughout her life finally made sense, and as she started to heal, process and release the experience, she could feel those patterns falling away…she was stepping into who she was destined to be.

She loved happily ever after and went on to change the world for the better

The End”

This little girl is in so many mamas, unable to step into the best version of themselves and denying their divine feminine…it’s time to let go 💕

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