I couldn’t afford not to…


Last year I invested in myself…it was a big investment at the time, and one I wasn’t sure I could afford.

One thing was certain, I couldn’t afford not to

You know when someone speaks and it feels like they’re talking to you? When you read their posts and sit there nodding your head, with tears in your eyes?

That was me

I loved my life…my little ones and my husband, my family and friends, my work and my home…but there was something missing

There was something missing in me

I wasn’t whole, wasn’t fully me, wasn’t being the best of me…and the way I saw it was, if I wasn’t the best of me, then everyone was getting short changed…including my Little Ones

Don’t get me wrong, I do my best in every area of my life…the best that I can with what I’ve got

But what if it could be better?

This was the question I kept asking myself

I’d turned 42, which is a 7 year chakra cycle…a time to process, evaluate, heal and release stuff that’s had an impact on you in the last 7 years, and also in the other 7 year cycles (0, 7, 14, 28, 35)

I knew there was stuff that still held me back, stuff that had been locked away that I was ready to let go of…so I invested, in myself personally and professionally, and set a really clear intention…

It was time to let go of everything that had been holding me back

It’s amazing what sticks, especially from childhood…being treated slightly differently, name calling, being misunderstood…and it stays with you, creating beliefs (that just aren’t true)

The last 6 month’s have been really bloody hard at times, and there have been times when I really wished I hadn’t set that intention…but I don’t regret it one bit, in fact it’s the best thing I’ve ever done

Difficult feelings and experiences can really hurt on the way out, but nowhere near as much holding on to them does.

Now, I feel like who I’m supposed to be…and I don’t have any reservations about being that person.

Everything has changed for the better…my relationships, my business, my family life…I’m a better Mama, and all because I understand so much more about myself and am not dragged down by all of my old crap!

So today, stand in front of the mirror and take a look at who you see…are you looking at the person you really want to be?

Look into your own eyes in the mirror…are they free from past hurt? Are they looking forward with excitement? Or do you see sadness, worry or regret?

Are you living a life you really and truly love…will you look back in 20 years time and know that you gave it your all, you lived your life as the best version of yourself?

You do not have to let life just carry you along, riding the waves and reacting to the challenges that hit you…this is your life and you can make the choice today to be in control, to get back in the drivers seat

Are you ready?

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