Why you HAVE to get rid of Mum Guilt

IMG-5350Mum Guilt has to be the most common thread amongst us all…even above sleep deprivation!

It’s like the minute you become pregnant, you start to feel guilty…because it’s not just you to consider now, and what you do can directly impact your Little One

We then give birth and from then on, the guilt comes thick and fast ALL THE TIME

The thing is that, although a little bit of guilt is ok (it keeps us in check), carrying such immense amounts of grief is toxic…and not just for us, it is for our Little Ones too.

All we want to be is the best possible Mum for our Little Ones, and we put so much pressure on ourselves to get it right…except we end up feeling like we’re not getting it right at all!

When we feel guilty, we are not only telling ourselves that we are not good enough, we are also sending that message out to everyone else…including our Little Ones.

Our Little Ones mirror us AND pick up on our feelings, so over time will develop a belief that guilt and low self worth are the correct patterns for them to follow. This is how generational patterns are created, and these beliefs get passed down the line…again and again.

The result is our Little Ones growing up thinking that they are not good enough, that standards are just too high.

Of course, it could be that our guilt didn’t start with us…it might have started with our parents, or theirs. It might have started with someone telling us that we weren’t good enough when we were little. It could be that we did something that we felt really bad about when we were younger, and no one ever told us it was ok.

There are so many reasons why we hold the guilt, but one thing is for sure…we HAVE to let it go!

We have a choice, right here and now…we can choose whether we continue to pass on this toxic pattern of guilt, or whether we let it go…set ourselves and our Little Ones (and each generation after them) free

It can feel easier said than done, especially when it has become part of us…but I can help. Book a Coaching Session with me now to get the support you need to be free…and set your children free

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