Why are the pre school years so hard?!

Being a mum is amazing, but there is no doubt that each year or stage comes with its own challenges.

The first year is filled with unknowns, trying to work out who your Little One is, recovering from pregnancy and childbirth and dealing with sleep deprivation

The second year is a shock as your Little One all of a sudden develops these huge emotions that can erupt at any time (usually when you’re completely unprepared)

The third year can be where you really feel like things are at their most challenging…two year old meltdowns that leave you feeling like you’re not getting anything right, and quite frankly beaten.

You think that once you get past that milestone year, that everything will get better…except it doesn’t, it comes with its own set of challenges! Ages 3 and 4, just as we think the dust has settled, take boundary pushing to a new level!

But WHY?! 

The first thing to remember is that every challenge in every stage is developmental, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or energetic development. In each year, as our Little Ones start to understand a little more about themselves and the world around them, they inevitably test things out and push boundaries.

Age 3 from an energetic perspective is when they first move into their heart chakra, and they start to develop an understanding of relationships (with themselves and with others, as well as observing and learning from the relationships around them). They also learn about love for themselves and others. How well they develop this understanding can depend on so many things, including how self love is modelled by those around them, and the love and compassion that they’ve been shown in the former (toddler) years. As their heart chakra develops, the6 can begin to feel so much more…and not just of their own emotions. So many Little Ones are natural empaths, so this stage can be completely overwhelming.

We move on to age 4, where they go from feeling all of the things in the heart, to expressing it all in the Throat chakra. They’ve just spent the last 4 years not being able to express themselves fully, and being dealing with challenges left, right and centre, and now they have a voice! No wonder it’s a challenge for it all to come out in a balanced way! They’re also learning to speak their truth and be who they really are, which we can misinterpret as defiance.

It can be a real shock for us (I remember it well!) and can really push our buttons, causing us to react…often verbally in a way that we don’t feel great about! The thing is, that as with any stage, what we model to them is what they learn. So if we get angry at what they’ve said and shout or speak abruptly, that’s exactly how they’re learning to be.

As hard as it is for us to handle these challenges, it’s so much harder for our Little Ones with such massive changes happening, and feeling so misunderstood to go with it! To have an understanding of each year and stage can make a big difference…it means we get to prepare and are better equipped to deal with the bumps, whilst supporting our Little Ones and helping them to find the right way forward in this life (which is what we’re here to do isn’t it really!)

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