Are You Like the Honey Bee?


I’m really tired…school holidays with two children full time, twice as much mess and the same amount of work for my business is exhausting! Not to mention dealing with insurance, garages, solicitors and physiotherapists after our recent accident. I had a Nanny booked to help out but she wasn’t available in the end…next thing on my list is find a new Nanny!

We have a Honey Bee’s nest in our garden, so I’ve been reading up about them. I’d noticed that some bees always stayed just outside the nest and would get quite aggressive if we were nearby. Apparently they are the Guard Bees, protecting the Queen and the honey. I hadn’t realised that there are loads of different roles for the bees, all supporting each other so they can get done what they are here to do.

Honey bees don’t try and do everything themselves, burning themselves out along the way! We need to be more like the Honey Bees!

In my life I make sure that I have support for every aspect…I could not be the Mum I wanted to be without the support around me…

My cleaner cleans, sorts the washing and the dishwasher 3 mornings a week..which means I get to spend an hour with Violet every morning before I start working. She’s had fresh air, exercise and time with me so is happy…and I get more done helping mums like you!

My peer group is full of mums who have businesses (the majority with the same mission that I have…to make the world a better place, to make lives more enjoyable for mums and enable children to live their best version of themselves) They give me focus and energy when I feel like I’m flagging…they get it and they get me

My Energy Healer/Teacher/Mentor has helped me heal so much stuff that I was carrying round. It’s left me much more able to be the parent I want to be. He understands me and my children and is helping me move to the next level with my energy work.

My Business Mentor is inspiring me to broaden my vision of how many mums and Little Ones I can help with my work…I want to make a MASSIVE difference. I’m working with her in a group programme at the moment…by the end of the year I want to be working with her 1-2-1. Next Friday I will be spending the day in London at her event with so many amazing women…it lights me up just thinking about it!

My friends and family provide much needed support, listen, spend time connecting, and of course pick up the pieces when everything feels too hard…whether they’re old friends or new, whether they’re round the corner or miles away.

We’ve got a gardener starting very soon, because after spending 3 hours a day travelling for work and 12 hours out of the house, my husband wants quality time with his family…not spending a day cutting hedges and strimming our wild garden!

What in your life is stopping you being the mum you really want to be?

What is stopping your Little One from having the best possible start in life?

Whether you’re exhausted, holding onto old emotional stuff, still traumatised from childbirth or just feeling disconnected…you need support around you!

Get yourself a cleaner!

Make time for yourself a possibility

Catch up with someone who inspires you

Heal those old wounds

You’re not meant to be doing this without support, understanding and connection…you can’t keep providing for others what you’re not receiving yourself

Ask yourself…”what do I need today to help me be the best version of me”

And if I can help, just shout up…it’s what I’m here for

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