This HAS to change


This month has made me realise that things have to change (I’ve said it before, and I know that this is a pattern for me…time to break it!) When I am out of the house, whether it’s running an event or doing training, nothing gets done! The children are looked after and fed, but that’s about it. When Daddy is in charge they have days out and they play a lot, or just chill out together…which is lovely, but it means that everything is left for me to catch up in the week!

Apart from feeling unappreciated and taken for granted, this realisation gave me a couple more concerns…

1. Both Dexter and Violet said this week that I don’t have fun…I was gutted.Aside from the last couple of months being pretty stressful, I’m not going to seem as fun if I’m trying to catch up on all of the jobs that haven’t been done whilst Daddy was in charge!

2. It’s setting a really unhealthy programme for both Violet and Dexter…with Dexter growing up thinking he doesn’t need to do anything, and Violet growing up thinking women do everything

The only person who can change this is me…I know my husband has some responsibility in this, but if I continue to do everything, why would it change?! I am allowing this to happen…not any more!

So, we are now going to have a jobs rota for everyone in the house…I cannot tell the mums I work with to value themselves and set healthy boundaries, and examples for their Little Ones, if I’m not doing it myself!

What patterns do you need to change in your life?

What are you unhappy with?

What do you keep saying that you’ll change but never do?

For so many Mums it’s self care…it’s either inconsistent or non existent!

I know so many people go on about it, and you can end up with real pressure to try and dedicate hours of your time, forcing yourself to feel good…it doesn’t have to be that way!

This month I have a very special Guest Expert joining me in the Intuitive Parenting Academy who specialises in fitting self care into your life, whatever your circumstances…I’ll share more with you later on this week.

On Saturday, a group of Mums joined me in the most beautiful setting for my first Energy Day Retreat. Each one of them had felt completely frazzled the week before, with sleep deprivation, the heat and the full moon being the biggest culprits.

Although some of them make sure that they do have some time to themselves quite regularly, none of them have been allowing themselves to treat themselves to a day like this…until Saturday!

It was such a beautiful day, and to watch the difference in each and every one of these beautiful women as the day progressed was just amazing. I felt honoured to hold the space for them as they allowed the weight to be lifted from their shoulders during a deep relaxation exercise, then guide them through connecting with themselves so that they could understand why they felt blocked and how to move forward. I shared information to help them understand what their children might be needing from them, and then some amazing energy techniques to nourish themselves and also look after their homes and families.

We sat together and ate amazing food…that was the right temperature and no one tried to take it off our plates, or need a nappy change half way through! We were able to sit and relax, have full conversations with finished sentences!

I was so blown away by the venue…the room, the grounds, the service and the food (lots of us had intolerances and everything was catered for!) that I’ve booked the next Energy Day Retreat for Saturday 29th September…so are you in?!

I know it’s 3 months away but I’ve booked 12 places and 5 have gone already…and anyone who books by 12th July gets a discount (with instalment options available too)…so these places will fill really quickly!

This is what the mums had to say about Saturday…

 “What a special day. It’s amazing what a difference one day can make. But this was a truly special day & I have taken away so much that I am grateful for. New techniques, an enriched sense of connection & inner calm and strength. Not to mention, a gorgeous setting! It was lovely to be amongst such a wonderful group of ladies. I am so glad I got to be part of this special experience alongside you all. Thank you Jennie x”

“A wonderful opportunity for some overdue self care and to connect with some beautiful soul sisters. Came away inspired and re-energised with even more tools and knowledge to use with me and my girls. A truly inspirational day in beautiful surroundings with a wonderful host. Thank you Jennie X X”

”I’m so grateful I gave myself this opportunity for some self-love. It was much-needed & I feel so much calmer & happier because of it. What a special experience to connect with such an amazing group of like-minded ladies. I loved every minute! I came away totally inspired & feel more connected to my true self than ever before. I feel empowered with all the new information gained to be an even better mummy to my boys. Thank you for this opportunity Jennie xxx”

Find out more and book your discounted place for September below!

Autumn Energy Day Retreat

Remember that self care isn’t selfish, when you connect to yourself and give yourself the time and space to understand what you need, it’s so much easier to give your children what they need too

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