This just feels like pressure…

xavier-sotomayor-192007-unsplashI’ve been sitting here with the intention of writing, for nearly an hour. I’ve procrastinated…looked at birthday presents online for Violet (and spent 10 minutes trying to work out how on Earth she’s 2 already!), looked at glamping breaks for the summer holidays, stared into space and bought a new reusable cup for my green tea when we have Breakfast in the park (after I dropped mine and broke it this morning…and spilt all of my tea!)

I don’t know whether it was the relentlessness of June, the heat or the increased wake ups from Violet now that she is in her pre 2 leap…but I am absolutely shattered! My brain isn’t functioning as normal…maybe the heat has melted it?!

I know that what I really need now more than any other time is to focus on my self care. I know this as it’s one of the first things I work on with my clients…but I’ve got to be honest and say that I’ve had a massive block on it this week! It’s felt like yet another thing to do, something else on my never ending to do list. It’s created pressure this week…like there is this unattainable zen like state that I should be accessing (no wonder it’s overwhelmed me!) 

The thing is that self care can be what you want it to be, and can be accessible whatever your circumstances…in fact, if you really can’t see how on Earth you could possibly fit any self care in at all, you need it more than anyone! Without it you leave yourself depleted, and unable to be what you need to be for anyone…so when you look after yourself, everyone benefits!

It can be really hard to work out how to look after yourself more (I know I need help with it right now) which is why I’ve brought in a Guest Expert to my Intuitive Parenting Academy for the whole of July…we have to get this self care thing nailed by the summer holidays, when our alone time is likely to dwindle dramatically!

Hannah Robson is from Mummy Mindset (you may have watched her workshop in the Connected Parenting Online Summer Summit) and she has developed the BREATHE philosophy, to help mums develop a self care routine…whatever their circumstances.

Join the Intuitive Parenting Academy in July for just £20 for the month and get…

two_heartsAccess to an exclusive workshop from Hannah Robson on Implementing a Self Care Routine to Survive the Summer Holidays

two_heartsA Live Self Care Q&A Session with Hannah

two_heartsA Live Nurture Mastermind with me

two_heartsAccess to a Facebook Group with support whenever you need it…on anything

Find Out More Here

It’s time for us Mums to look after us so that we can give our children exactly what they need too!

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