You know those days you wish you could rewind…and start over again


The full moon and solar eclipse this Friday has questionable timing...lots of Little Ones (and Mums!) struggling with BIG emotions and switching off.

We were away for a few days over the weekend, which was so lovely (and on the Welsh coast, so cooler than here in England too!) It was such a lovely start to the summer holidays, but oh my goodness an assault on the senses to get back!

Dexter broke up from school on Thursday last week, I worked on Thursday night and we left for holiday on Friday morning…3 hours later and we arrived. On Monday we arrived back at 8.15pm and Danny went back to work on Tuesday.

On Tuesday despite all good intentions, I was not patient, I was not connected and I was not understanding

I started to really beat myself up, but I stopped…I needed to give myself a break

two_heartsI had PMT

two_heartsI was shattered

two_heartsI’d done 5 loads of washing

two_heartsIt was too hot

two_heartsBoth children needed my attention constantly…and were doing anything they could to get it (any attention is good attention!)

two_heartsThere is a full moon looming which was bringing up all of the emotions for EVERYONE

two_heartsBoth children are in a leap…and both struggling to go to sleep

two_heartsAnd I had sooo much work to catch up on (not to mention household admin and stuff to do with my accident…still)

I’m human and can only deal with so much, so Tuesday night was a time for me to reflect on the day, how I’d reacted and how I could change things for Wednesday (and the rest of the holiday, but one day at a time!)

As well as understanding myself and taking that time to reflect, it’s really important that I do the same for Dexter and Violet…

purple_heartUnderstand that as Violet approaches her 2nd birthday, and her birth memories resurface, she will struggle with separation (and I may struggle with being touched out!)

purple_heartBe mindful of what stories I’m telling her about herself, as she enters a year where her beliefs about herself really start to develop. Also that she is really starting to identify with her ‘self’…I need to go with it, not against it

purple_heartRemember that the little time she has on her own with me around work has now disappeared, now that Dexter is at home every day

blue_heartUnderstand that Dexter is used to so much interaction and stimulation each day at school, the holidays are a big transition

blue_heartRemember that Violet’s birthday is the anniversary of the day his life changed forever…and he lost having me to himself

blue_heartBe mindful that this year he is processing his foundations again…the first year of his life, his fears, his safety. It’s a time where he will push boundaries massively…and he needs me to hold him, so that he feels safe

There is so much going on for our children all the time, and when we really understand, we can make a big difference on the imprint it all leaves on them.

Without this understanding, I would have royally screwed up this week…reacting to behaviour (I still did sometimes, but I acknowledged it, owned it and apologised) 

With this understanding I can not only have a positive impact on my children’s day, week and summer holiday…but their whole life.

two_heartsNOW is when they’re building their beliefs

two_heartsNOW is when they are developing their emotional resilience

two_heartsNOW is when their lifetime patterns are set

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