It’s been traumatic…

It’s been a funny week (there’s a pattern to this I know…it will continue until 6th September!) We had nap resistance on Wednesday (typical when Dexter was out for the day, although I think it was me missing her window ), then on Thursday the inlaws came to help so I could work…it took Violet an hour to climb off me, and then her and Dexter just argued the WHOLE DAY!

Then yesterday we went to Nanny’s for the day, and Dexter had a scooting accident. I’d planned an evening of work last night, but I mostly sat in a hot Epsom salt bath with a glass of wine!

It was an accident, a fall. He was ok BUT it was traumatic at the time…for him and me, and his cousin who was the only one who saw the actual fall, and was quite grey afterwards. Violet laughed and said “funny Dexter” as she whizzed off on her own scooter, pretending that she was 4 and not 2 (I am in trouble there!)

I’m glad that he got so upset and said that he thought he would die.

I’m glad that he wailed and said he was never getting on a scooter again…and never going down a hill again, even in a car

I’m glad that he screamed and cried and said exactly how he felt…because he got it out. Unlike Violet who couldn’t cope, so laughed and carried on scooting…I know who’s more likely to wake up processing in the night

I could’ve tried to brush it away, play it down and stop the tears…but it was hard for him and he was scared…he needed to get it out!

I knew that this year (after he became 7) would be full of experiences that would question his safety and security…because 7 Years ago he felt anything but safe.

This is his opportunity to clear the fear, to reset, to heal and release…not push it down and store it again for another 7 years, and by me understanding that, I can make it so much easier for him.

These cycles happen every year for our children, and the 7 year cycles are much more intense with them processing both annual and 7 year stuff. It’s the same for us…and it gets more intense as we get older as we’ve been through so many more cycles, cementing the beliefs.

It’s only when you start to look at the patterns that it all starts to make sense, and you can start to shift things for yourself and for your children.

You can find out all about these cycles in my free resource “7 Secrets to a More Connected Family”…I’m off to do some more processing, so that I don’t hold onto it either!

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