Treading Water

Don’t you think that being a mum is sometimes like treading water?

You’re ok as long as your energy is up and you haven’t got too much on

But the more you have to carry, the harder is it to stay afloat

Then a wave comes and takes you under for a while

You recover and carry on treading water (you’ve got no chance swimming forward, you’re stuck where you are for now)

You’re getting more tired but you keep on going, until another wave comes along…and takes you under again

How many more waves can you recover from?

How long do you want to tread water for?

How will you get to where you’re supposed to be when you can’t move forward?

How will you be who you’re meant to be when you’re so exhausted?

How will you be who your children need you to be?

Let go of what you’ve been holding onto

Let go of what holds you down

Release all the stuff you’re holding for other people

It feels daunting doesn’t it?

To let go of it, you know you might need to look at it…remember it, and that feels scary

I can help you, support you and walk alongside you in The Connected Child Programme…you don’t need to do any of this alone

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