They don’t tell you this…


They tell you…

That you’re both healthy and that’s what matters

That you’re both safe so it’s all ok

That your baby will have no memory of how difficult it was to arrive

That it’s ok, while they weren’t with you they were with Daddy

That they were only without you for a short while, they wouldn’t know any different


They don’t tell you…

How disempowered you will feel, and how that feeling will carry on as you take your first steps into motherhood

How all of the difficult emotions you experience will be triggered when you hear about a similar birth, go back to the hospital or see birth images

That you’ll be consumed with guilt that you didn’t give your baby the birth you wanted, that you didn’t protect them and that you weren’t able to stop the trauma

How even though you might not feel all of those feelings all of the time, when they do resurface they are just as raw as when they first came about

That even though the memories fade, the experience, the trauma is still there held in your body

That this is your story now, who you are…it defines you whilst you still hold the energy of the experience

That your beliefs around birth and whether it is safe have been imprinted, ready to be passed down (or continued) down the generations

That your Little One could feel the change of energy and ALL of the emotions in the room

That your baby won’t feel safe to sleep at all

That when big changes happen, your Little One won’t want to leave your side

That even when they don’t seem like it, your Little One will have an undercurrent of fear which causes them to be in constant fight or flight

That your Little One will have gut sensitivities caused by a pressurised nervous system

And that they will hold the imprint of their birth (and ALL of the emotions) for life…

Unless you both heal


It breaks my heart that so many mums and their children are left without the healing and support that they BOTH need after a difficult or traumatic pregnancy or birth experience. That even if mum is offered some sort of therapy or counselling, the experience of the Little One is not considered.

It breaks my heart that every single day, Mums and Little Ones are holding on to trauma, holding on to beliefs around how safe the world is…and it’s preventing them from living the best life possible.


I know…it’s hard to think about healing, hard to revisit

I know…practically can you afford the time and the money to heal?

Can you afford not to?

I know…it’s daunting, to look at it all again. It was so traumatic the first time around, why re-live it?!

Because as much as it can feel raw to come back up, it’s nowhere near as hard as holding on to it for the rest of your life

Because not doing so leaves it all unresolved…held in your system (and your Little One’s)

Because unless you both heal and release it, you will never be free ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


In the last couple of weeks two amazing mums took my last available places for Birth Healing with me this year…but it just doesn’t feel right

I want to help more…I can’t bear the thought of you and your Little One holding all of this any longer, so I’ve created more time. I’ve created more space, to hold you and your Little One whilst you heal, process and release all of those difficult emotions

It’s time…time to let go

In my Birth Healing Packages, I use a combination of 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions and Energy Healing Sessions to release the trauma and the difficult emotions, allowing you and your Little One to heal. I provide ongoing support, I walk alongside you, I hold you…I help you to get your full potential back.

If it feels like it’s time for you, get in touch and find out how I can help you and your Little One be free…or if you know without a doubt that you are ready to re-write your story you can book HERE

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