Fighting your corner at Christmas


One of the hardest things I used to find about being the parent of a child who is a little more sensitive (in so many ways), has their emotions right at the surface and prone to displays of said emotions on a grand scale, was the battles with other family members.

You know what it’s like…you’ve made a conscious decision to parent your Little One in a certain way…for us it’s always been child led, naturally and with a holistic approach.

Other family members might not respect our choices around food, stimulation or boundaries and can really overstep the mark…then our Little Ones react

Other family members (often older, more old fashioned) can often see our approach as being too soft, with a “You didn’t do that in our day” or “We used to give you a smack and you turned out alright”

You know that any outburst of emotion, any struggle about sitting at the table or not eating certain foods, any meltdowns or even tears can be met with eye rolls or even interfering.

Not only can this make you feel like you’re getting it wrong, it can also make you feel like your Little One is getting it wrong…even when you know deep down that it’s not true!

When we feel this, guess who else does? Our Little Ones! So not only are they struggling with being overstimulated, overexcited and overtired, they are then being judged and made to feel like how they feel is wrong.

Now although I found it hard to deal with these people (and still do sometimes) I would ALWAYS stand my ground, and have fallen out with family members to back my children up…and I’d do it again tomorrow. But this doesn’t take away the feeling of dread when you know that you have to spend time with these people!

The thought of being involved in confrontation when you just want to enjoy family time

The thought of someone not respecting yours or your Little One’s feelings

The thought of your Little One feeling even worse than they already do

The thought of someone who doesn’t mean any harm (because they’re just being old fashioned) being upset or offended

You just don’t want it do you!

One of the biggest things you can do for your Little One at this time is to truly get how they are feeling…really understand what is affecting them, what triggers them

How can we expect other people to understand them unless we really do?!

It can be hard to work this stuff out, especially at such a busy time…I can help you though and I tell you how in the video you can watch below…

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