It’s all in the preparation


Have you realised that Christmas is less than 4 weeks away?! 

Are you prepared?! 

I don’t mean with present buying and organising, I mean with your Little One!

Christmas has the potential to be such a lovely time…spending time together as a family, eating lovely food, relaxing in each other’s company

It’s what we imagine when we think of Christmas, especially if the magic has worn off since becoming a grown up! 

It’s a truly magical time of year…unless you have sensitive Little Ones 

Even the most laid back of children can get overwhelmed at Christmas…

So if you have a Little One whose emotions are right beneath the surface, who gets overstimulated, who finds it hard to switch off…Christmas can be the thing that nightmares are made of 

All of the thought that goes into presents

All of the time that goes into planning

All of the effort that goes into beautiful food

And it can actually be the worst day ever

It’s not just the day though…the whole of December can be one big overstimulation for so many children

They get overexcited and overtired and everything is just so much harder to cope with 

With everything you have to do along with holding your Little One’s emotions, by the time Christmas arrives you can be pretty much burnt out…it’s no fun for anyone, as you are unable to respond to their overtired, overstimulated needs and end up spending the whole Christmas feeling guilty for how you’ve responded

How do I know all this?! Christmas 2011 and 2012!

My advice? Don’t leave the preparations until the last minute! There is so much you can do to reduce the overwhelm, minimise meltdown and support those big emotions all the way through December. 

That way, by Christmas you really can enjoy the time together, creating memories (for you and them) rather than wish the time away

Not sure how to put that plan into action? 

I’ve got a video below which will tell you all about how I can help you and your family thrive, not just survive this Christmas


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