3 Reasons Why Your Child is Angry

One of the hardest things to deal with as a mum is anger in our children. It’s an emotion that can trigger the same in us and leave us not dealing with it very well, especially when it seems to come from nowhere.

Anger in children isn’t always what it seems, but can be our interpretation of the emotion or another emotion transformed into anger.

This is why it’s so incredibly important to understand the reason WHY our Little Ones are struggling, and to work with that reason rather than focusing on the behaviour. This doesn’t mean not setting boundaries and allowing them to do whatever they like…it’s important to keep them and others safe.

Here are 3 reasons why your child could be angry…

Fear – when we experience something scary and are unable to process it, we hold it and it can manifest later as anger. This is one of the biggest causes of anger in Little Ones. Identifying the immediate trigger to the anger can give you an indication of the original fear, and allow you help them process and release it.

Frustration – it can be so hard for our Little Ones to really convey how they are feeling, what they need and what they mean…and so easy (especially when we’re so busy and not fully connected) to misunderstand them. The frustration can be so intense, firstly at not being able to communicate and also at us not getting them, that it can be interpreted as anger

Other People’s Anger – we all pick up on people’s emotions, our children especially…they are like the most sensitive sponges and just soak everything up. So whether it’s another child at nursery or school, family members or you, and whether it’s obvious anger or simmering below the surface, they will feel it and they will process it. Combine this with the frustration of being misunderstood and you have a perpetual cycle of anger for everyone, that is then contained within your home.

The tough thing is that when we are in the middle of an intense time, we are unable to get to the bottom of what’s going on and support them in the way that we need to…which then leads to guilt, intensifying anything that we were already processing.

What can help more than anything is an outside point of view…a fresh pair of eyes without the emotional attachment. With 99% of my clients I can identify the exact cause just by looking at background information (the other 1% just need a few questions!)

I’m officially fully booked until next year, but have managed to create some space for a limited number of Focus Sessions over the next two weeks. Whatever is going on, you know there is a reason why…and I can help you work it out AND give you a plan to move forward.

A Focus Session is just £50, will get to the heart of the issue and includes…

🎁A full situation/behaviour analysis
🎁A 15 minute phone call with me to share my findings with you
🎁A plan to move forward, so that you can work with your Little One and the cause of their struggle…start the year with more calm
🎁Access to two resources from my back catalogue, giving you further information specifically to your Little One’s struggle

Places are limited and will fill quickly, so book now to avoid disappointment

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