The Number 1 Cause of Meltdowns That No-One is Talking About


There are no two ways about it, meltdowns can be really difficult to deal with. They can be so tricky to predict, and by the time our Little Ones are in full meltdown mode, there’s little chance of going back and all we can do is try and recover the situation without too much emotional distress (for them and us!)

There are so many reasons why our children melt down…when the frustration, anger, sadness or upset just get too much and explode out of them.

When overtiredness takes hold with surges of Adrenalin and cortisol

When they eat something which overwhelms their little body.

When they’re learning so much and it’s all new and just too much to process.

When they experience sensory overwhelm which spins them out and overloads their nervous system

All of this can cause meltdowns (on a regular basis of you have a Sensitive Little One) but there is one reason that causes more meltdowns than ANYTHING else, and no one talks about it!

It’s other people’s emotions!

Our children are like sponges and they soak absolutely everything up! They form  connections with people they come into contact with (just as we do) and take on their emotions…

Other children they see each day

Staff at school or nursery

Hundreds of people in the supermarket

Family at get togethers and parties

Crazy, sugar fuelled children at soft play!


We all do this all the time, and other people’s emotions affect us all the time (as does the energy in places) but for our children it just becomes too much, because they’re so much more sensitive…and unless we disconnect from people, those emotions just keep on flowing!

All that stress, all that upset, all that anger, all that frustration.

All of our stuff, all of everyone else’s stuff!

You might think that there’s nothing you can do…but there’s so much! 

Releasing your own stress

Working on your own emotions

Protecting your children from other people’s emotions (it’s easier than you think!)

Connecting with yourself to find out what you need, so that you’re not holding on to so much

Using your intuition to identify what your Little One need

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