Two mistakes mums make today, which are guaranteed to set you up for a crappy 2019

So, every time I’ve looked at my social media over the last few days, I’ve been bombarded with adverts for new year new you, how you can make 2019 better, time to make those new years resolutions…better year, better you.

This approach makes you make mistake number 1 ~ to look back and focus on all of the hard stuff from the previous year. To think about what you haven’t done well enough, and how you need to do better next year (in come the resolutions laced with guilt and ridiculously high expectations of yourself)

It’s not a bad thing to acknowledge the challenges that you’ve faced, but it’s also important to let it all go…and then focus on everything that you’re grateful for over the last year. That way you’re changing the energy that you take into the next year

The next thing that you do is think about WHO YOU WANT TO BE as a person and as a Mum over the coming year. If there are things that you aren’t happy with, who do you need to be to change them? What knowledge and support do you need in your life to become that person? It could be that you haven’t been as patient as you’d have liked, because you felt so overwhelmed…so you might want to create more space. It could be that you’ve been unable to support your Little One in the way you’d like to, because you’ve felt resentful that your needs aren’t acknowledged…so you might want to make the space for some healing or stress relief for yourself.

Our children will always have challenges…they will change over time. We can’t do anything about that…what we can do is look at how we support ourselves, so that we can be who they need us to be (without any detriment to ourselves)

Once you have decided who you want to be, and what you need to get there…intend it!

Mistake number 2 ~ Just expecting things to change because we start a new year. So often we are told that things get better with time, or that it’s just a phase…but maybe there are ways of giving yourself the care and support, so that you can support your Little One better and move through the difficult time with much more ease and much quicker! And sometimes it doesn’t just take time and it’s not a phase…and if things have been tough all year, it stands a good chance that a different approach is needed!

So today at some point…

1. Write out the tough bits of the year, that you’re happy to let go of…then let them go

2. Write out what you’re grateful for in this year

3. Write out the qualities of who you want to be

4. Write out what you need to become that person

5. Make a commitment to yourself and your Little One that you will take action

I love new year, I love new starts and I love the opportunity to reflect and let go…but I’m going to let you in on a secret ~ I do this pretty much every day!

It helps me to be the person I want to be, to be the mum I want to be and to support other people in the way that I know they need me to.

If when you’ve written your lists, you feel like you could do with a hand in supporting your Little One, in becoming the mum you want to be, in becoming who YOU want to be, then take a look at my Mum’s Online Retreat.

It starts on Monday 4th March and includes so much to help peel away all of the stress and responsibility, relieve the overwhelm, create calm and connection and to fine tune your mother’s intuition!

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Do it now though if you want to claim that bonus though, remember how quickly time goes…and it’s so easy to forget yourself and what you need!

Happy list writing and if you have any questions about anything I’ve shared here, please get in touch!

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