3 reasons why the parenting books have made EVERYTHING worse for you

Parenting is the hardest job on the planet, and it comes without a job description, guidelines or supervision. We are thrust into an unknown world, first with pregnancy, then with a newborn and then with a child who grows and changes all the time…and just expected to know what to do!

It’s no surprise that we turn to and consume so many parenting books…they can often be our only lifeline, helping us to understand our baby’s needs. They tell us all of the practical things that we need to know, how to deal with difficult situations, what our baby needs from us, how to take care of ourselves etc.

In those dark times when you feel like you’re screwing everything up, or you just can’t work out the answers, these books can feel like our saviours

So how on earth could they be making EVERYTHING worse?!

Every single book is written by a person…a person with their own views, beliefs, values and opinions. Views, beliefs and opinions based on their experience…not your experience and not necessarily your views, beliefs, values and experience. Different books will give conflicting information…there may even be information that feels conflicting to you within a book. When you are trying to get to the root of what your Little One is struggling with, when you are potentially struggling too, other people’s views and opinions in this volume just add more information to your already busy, overwhelmed head!

Every single book is written with a certain child or certain type of child in mind. There is no book out there written for your individual, unique child. What is written in the books about someone else’s child might include information or an approach that is completely wrong for your child…parts of it might be right, which can be worse, as we might not discount the information that isn’t relevant. No one knows your child like you do, and when techniques or information which are meant for another child, don’t work for yours, it can make you feel like a complete failure…and that there is something wrong with your child.

Every single book is telling you what your child needs, what you need to do. Firstly, each and every child’s situation and needs are individual, and based on so many variables…experiences such as pregnancy and birth, personality, family environment, health, sensitivity levels…there is no way that one book can get it right for each child! Secondly, by telling you what your child is feeling and what you need to do about it, what the book is doing is completely disempowering you as a mum!

So how do you work out how to help and support your Little One?

You have everything you need to work out the answers…you and your Little One!

When you connect to your child and to your own intuition, you access all of the answers you will ever need

It’s a process, and it’s one that needs constant attention and nurturing, but with practice it starts to come so much more naturally

No more useless information!

No more techniques that don’t work!

No more searching for the answers!

No more feeling like a failure!

But it sounds too hard doesn’t it, how do you connect when your head is so full and you’re stressed and overwhelmed?!

I can help!

My job is not to tell you how to parent, but to help you to connect to yourself and your Little One, so that you can parent in the way that you want to…and they need you to.

On 4th March my Mum’s Online Retreat begins, where I will be sharing each step of the process and giving you the techniques that you can use to get the answers you need for your child…for life!

How to strip back the layers of stress and responsibility, to clear the way

How to prevent overwhelm build up, to keep the connections going

How to connect with yourself AND your Little One, to get the answers you need

How to fine tune your intuition, so that you just know…all you need to know


Energy Techniques that you can use every day to bring complete calm, de-stress and reduce overwhelm for you, your Little One and your home

March might seem a long way off, but don’t leave it!

Today is the last day that you can join and get an amazing bonus…2 months FREE access to my Connected Parenting Academy (price usually £50, value absolutely priceless) so that you get instant access to the energy techniques, my online community and to me and my help…PLUS 2 amazing Guest Experts!

The price for the retreat is £200 or 3 monthly payments of £45, and places are limited.

You get access to the Online Retreat Community for a week and lifetime access to all of the content

Seriously, this stuff is going to change the way you approach parenting FOREVER!


And if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer them!

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