The one thing that’s stopping you from resolving your Little One’s struggles

I know you’ll be wondering how on Earth can one thing be stopping us from having the happy family life that we want, when there are so many factors in what causes issues for us and our Little Ones.

All of the responsibilities we have…home, work, school/nursery, looking after Little Ones, relationships, family, friendships.

All the stuff our Little Ones are going through…processing, development, emotional upset, changes at home, changes in education, friendships, learning, health.

And that doesn’t even cover half of it!

You can tie yourself up in knots trying to work out how to deal with each and every issue that comes up, trying to work out what’s causing your Little One’s anxiety, anger, meltdowns or sleep issue

You can create more stress and overwhelm for yourself, just trying to work out what is causing the stress and overwhelm in your Little Ones!

And there you have it, the one thing standing in your way…your stress and overwhelm (technically two I know, but they’re both wrapped up together and can be dealt with together)

We have been trained to think about everything…when there’s a problem or an issue, you feel you need to ‘have a think’ to find the solution or find ways to help

When we ‘think’ logically about how to help our Little Ones, we are forgetting our superpower; our superpower that no one else has; our superpower that, when we connect to it will give us all of the answers we need to help our Little Ones with whatever is going on in their lives.

It’s our mother’s intuition!

Our Little Ones grew inside us, and we have a connection to them that will never be broken…and it helps us feel what they are feeling AND what they need from us

But here’s the thing…you can not connect to your intuition when you are stressed and overwhelmed, therefore you can not get the true answers to help your children

When you strip back all of the stress, all of the responsibilities, all of the overwhelm and give yourself the space and peace to listen to your intuition, the cause of your Little One’s struggles and the answers on how to help them, come forward so easily.

It’s hard to do it yourself though isn’t it, especially when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed!

I have been teaching mums to connect to their intuition for over 4 years on both a 1-2-1 basis and in online programmes, changing their family lives for the better!

I am now bringing you the opportunity to access these techniques and teachings in my Mum’s Online Retreat in March!

It starts on Monday 4th March and includes so much to help peel away all of the stress and responsibility, relieve the overwhelm, create calm and connection and to fine tune your mother’s intuition!

I know March feels like a long way off, which is why, every Mum who books by Friday 4th Jan will receive two months FREE instant access to my Connected Parenting Academy, so that you can start to receive the support that you need straight away! The Guest Experts I have booked in for these 2 months are AMAZING, so this really is a brilliant bonus to what will already be a life changing experience for you and your Little Ones!


Do it now though if you want to claim that bonus though, remember how quickly time goes…and it’s so easy to forget yourself and what you need!

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