The reason why your Little One won’t ‘grow out of it’

Lots of mums are having big struggles this week with their Little One’s Emotions, and I noticed that lots of my Private Clients are being given the same advice…they’ll just grow out of it. It has left them feeling powerless and that they just need to wait it out, when this is not the case. I thought that if they are hearing this, then you might be too…so here are my thoughts 💕

“Whatever is going on for your Little One, you can guarantee that you will be given one of two opinions from a whole host of people…that there is either a major issue with their behaviour which must be addressed, or that they will grow out of it. 

I don’t agree with either of these, but for now we’re just going to look at why children do not just grow out of it.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s meltdowns, angry outbursts, anxiety, overwhelm or a sleep struggle, expecting your Little One to just grow out of it could be doing them the biggest disservice, and leave them feeling even more frustrated, disconnected and misunderstood. It also leaves you feeling completely disempowered, feeling that you can’t support or lessen the effects of their struggles.

Don’t get me wrong, there are instances where Little Ones do grow out of their struggles…there are developmental stages, emotional learning, difficult experiences that will pass. But there are so many struggles where they can’t grow out of and are not going to get better unless you understand them. 

The problem that we have is that a lot of parenting information and practices are based on out of date understanding. 

The advice given now based on the understanding of physical experiences has changed…thank goodness, as it was only 30 years ago that it was believed by medical professionals that babies couldn’t feel pain, so operations were carried out without anaesthetic

The advice given now on the understanding of some emotional experiences is starting to change…thank goodness, now that Cry it Out and Controlled Crying are now being questioned more, and Little Ones are kept with their mums instead of being taken away.

There is still so much that our children experience on a day to day basis, that can impact them physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically, that mums don’t necessarily experience so can’t understand.

Through my work over the last 7 years (and through then learning more from my own children) I have discovered so much about what affects our children…and I’m going to share it with you! In my brand new FREE Mini Series “5 Secrets About Your Little One That WILL Change Your Life” I am going to share 5 reasons why your Little One is struggling, that you will not find in the parenting books…or anywhere else for that matter! 

These struggles are not something that they grow out of, they don’t go away…they need understanding and support, and they need that from you.”

I’m so excited to share this with you…I witness the amazing transformation that my Private clients experience, by having this knowledge and working with it! 

We start on Monday 11th February and registration to secure your place is open now, so is the Facebook Group! 

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