My First Mother’s Day…

This is me in September 2010, 6 months pregnant with Dexter and beyond excited about what was to come

I had no fear and no worry about any aspect of pregnancy, birth or becoming a mum…it was all I’d ever wanted and I was so excited to meet my little boy


Little did I know that, despite my positivity, my trust, educating myself and preparing for a beautiful, calm birth…it would end in trauma


My birth experience was mismanaged (for which I received an apology for later when I complained)

My rights to make my own decisions about how and where to Birth were ignored…my choices taken away


I hadn’t for one minute thought that a consultant would tell me I couldn’t do something when it was my choice, so I just did as I was told


The result was trauma…for me and Dexter


A full episiotomy, forceps, both of us terrified of losing the other


My first Mother’s Day was beautiful and so sad all that the same time ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I felt so guilty…


Guilty for how he arrived…


Guilty for feeling traumatised when he was here and so many women were struggling with not being mums on Mother’s Day…


Guilty for not being able to shake the intrusive thoughts…


Guilty for my anxiety and hyper vigilance…


Guilty for not being the person anymore that my husband fell in love with…


Guilty for not allowing friends and family to hold him (when I felt he was only safe with me)…


Guilty because I felt like I should have protected him, and I got it wrong, and now it felt like I was getting everything wrong…


I wish I could go back and tell 35 year old me that it wasn’t my fault, and that I would feel free from all of the guilt and the trauma


I wish she could know that we would heal that experience, and that I would fully understand and help Dexter release the trauma too


I wish she could know just how huge a difference going through that experience would make, as I used it to understand and help so many other mums and children heal


Maybe I knew it all deep down 💕

If this sounds familiar, know that you can be free from this…and your Little One can too.

Message me to book a free call to see how we can work together 💕

The reason why your Little One won’t ‘grow out of it’

Lots of mums are having big struggles this week with their Little One’s Emotions, and I noticed that lots of my Private Clients are being given the same advice…they’ll just grow out of it. It has left them feeling powerless and that they just need to wait it out, when this is not the case. I thought that if they are hearing this, then you might be too…so here are my thoughts 💕

“Whatever is going on for your Little One, you can guarantee that you will be given one of two opinions from a whole host of people…that there is either a major issue with their behaviour which must be addressed, or that they will grow out of it. 

I don’t agree with either of these, but for now we’re just going to look at why children do not just grow out of it.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s meltdowns, angry outbursts, anxiety, overwhelm or a sleep struggle, expecting your Little One to just grow out of it could be doing them the biggest disservice, and leave them feeling even more frustrated, disconnected and misunderstood. It also leaves you feeling completely disempowered, feeling that you can’t support or lessen the effects of their struggles.

Don’t get me wrong, there are instances where Little Ones do grow out of their struggles…there are developmental stages, emotional learning, difficult experiences that will pass. But there are so many struggles where they can’t grow out of and are not going to get better unless we understand them. 

The problem that we have is that a lot of parenting information and practices are based on out of date understanding. 

The advice given now based on the understanding of physical experiences has changed…thank goodness, as it was only 30 years ago that it was believed by medical professionals that babies couldn’t feel pain, so operations were carried out without anaesthetic

The advice given now on the understanding of some emotional experiences is starting to change…thank goodness, now that Cry it Out and Controlled Crying are now being questioned more, and Little Ones are kept with their mums instead of being taken away.

There is still so much that our children experience on a day to day basis, that can impact them physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically, that mums don’t necessarily experience so can’t understand.

Through my work over the last 7 years (and through then learning more from my own children) I have discovered so much about what affects our children…and I’m going to share it with you! In my brand new FREE Mini Series “5 Secrets About Your Little One That WILL Change Your Life” I am going to share 5 reasons why your Little One is struggling, that you will not find in the parenting books…or anywhere else for that matter! 

These struggles are not something that they grow out of, they don’t go away…they need understanding and support, and they need that from you.”

I’m so excited to share this with you…I witness the amazing transformation that my Private clients experience, by having this knowledge and working with it! 

We start on Monday 11th February and registration to secure your place is open now, so is the Facebook Group! 

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3 reasons why the parenting books have made EVERYTHING worse for you

Parenting is the hardest job on the planet, and it comes without a job description, guidelines or supervision. We are thrust into an unknown world, first with pregnancy, then with a newborn and then with a child who grows and changes all the time…and just expected to know what to do!

It’s no surprise that we turn to and consume so many parenting books…they can often be our only lifeline, helping us to understand our baby’s needs. They tell us all of the practical things that we need to know, how to deal with difficult situations, what our baby needs from us, how to take care of ourselves etc.

In those dark times when you feel like you’re screwing everything up, or you just can’t work out the answers, these books can feel like our saviours

So how on earth could they be making EVERYTHING worse?!

Every single book is written by a person…a person with their own views, beliefs, values and opinions. Views, beliefs and opinions based on their experience…not your experience and not necessarily your views, beliefs, values and experience. Different books will give conflicting information…there may even be information that feels conflicting to you within a book. When you are trying to get to the root of what your Little One is struggling with, when you are potentially struggling too, other people’s views and opinions in this volume just add more information to your already busy, overwhelmed head!

Every single book is written with a certain child or certain type of child in mind. There is no book out there written for your individual, unique child. What is written in the books about someone else’s child might include information or an approach that is completely wrong for your child…parts of it might be right, which can be worse, as we might not discount the information that isn’t relevant. No one knows your child like you do, and when techniques or information which are meant for another child, don’t work for yours, it can make you feel like a complete failure…and that there is something wrong with your child.

Every single book is telling you what your child needs, what you need to do. Firstly, each and every child’s situation and needs are individual, and based on so many variables…experiences such as pregnancy and birth, personality, family environment, health, sensitivity levels…there is no way that one book can get it right for each child! Secondly, by telling you what your child is feeling and what you need to do about it, what the book is doing is completely disempowering you as a mum!

So how do you work out how to help and support your Little One?

You have everything you need to work out the answers…you and your Little One!

When you connect to your child and to your own intuition, you access all of the answers you will ever need

It’s a process, and it’s one that needs constant attention and nurturing, but with practice it starts to come so much more naturally

No more useless information!

No more techniques that don’t work!

No more searching for the answers!

No more feeling like a failure!

But it sounds too hard doesn’t it, how do you connect when your head is so full and you’re stressed and overwhelmed?!

I can help!

My job is not to tell you how to parent, but to help you to connect to yourself and your Little One, so that you can parent in the way that you want to…and they need you to.

On 4th March my Mum’s Online Retreat begins, where I will be sharing each step of the process and giving you the techniques that you can use to get the answers you need for your child…for life!

How to strip back the layers of stress and responsibility, to clear the way

How to prevent overwhelm build up, to keep the connections going

How to connect with yourself AND your Little One, to get the answers you need

How to fine tune your intuition, so that you just know…all you need to know


Energy Techniques that you can use every day to bring complete calm, de-stress and reduce overwhelm for you, your Little One and your home

March might seem a long way off, but don’t leave it!

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You get access to the Online Retreat Community for a week and lifetime access to all of the content

Seriously, this stuff is going to change the way you approach parenting FOREVER!


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The one thing that’s stopping you from resolving your Little One’s struggles

I know you’ll be wondering how on Earth can one thing be stopping us from having the happy family life that we want, when there are so many factors in what causes issues for us and our Little Ones.

All of the responsibilities we have…home, work, school/nursery, looking after Little Ones, relationships, family, friendships.

All the stuff our Little Ones are going through…processing, development, emotional upset, changes at home, changes in education, friendships, learning, health.

And that doesn’t even cover half of it!

You can tie yourself up in knots trying to work out how to deal with each and every issue that comes up, trying to work out what’s causing your Little One’s anxiety, anger, meltdowns or sleep issue

You can create more stress and overwhelm for yourself, just trying to work out what is causing the stress and overwhelm in your Little Ones!

And there you have it, the one thing standing in your way…your stress and overwhelm (technically two I know, but they’re both wrapped up together and can be dealt with together)

We have been trained to think about everything…when there’s a problem or an issue, you feel you need to ‘have a think’ to find the solution or find ways to help

When we ‘think’ logically about how to help our Little Ones, we are forgetting our superpower; our superpower that no one else has; our superpower that, when we connect to it will give us all of the answers we need to help our Little Ones with whatever is going on in their lives.

It’s our mother’s intuition!

Our Little Ones grew inside us, and we have a connection to them that will never be broken…and it helps us feel what they are feeling AND what they need from us

But here’s the thing…you can not connect to your intuition when you are stressed and overwhelmed, therefore you can not get the true answers to help your children

When you strip back all of the stress, all of the responsibilities, all of the overwhelm and give yourself the space and peace to listen to your intuition, the cause of your Little One’s struggles and the answers on how to help them, come forward so easily.

It’s hard to do it yourself though isn’t it, especially when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed!

I have been teaching mums to connect to their intuition for over 4 years on both a 1-2-1 basis and in online programmes, changing their family lives for the better!

I am now bringing you the opportunity to access these techniques and teachings in my Mum’s Online Retreat in March!

It starts on Monday 4th March and includes so much to help peel away all of the stress and responsibility, relieve the overwhelm, create calm and connection and to fine tune your mother’s intuition!

I know March feels like a long way off, which is why, every Mum who books by Friday 4th Jan will receive two months FREE instant access to my Connected Parenting Academy, so that you can start to receive the support that you need straight away! The Guest Experts I have booked in for these 2 months are AMAZING, so this really is a brilliant bonus to what will already be a life changing experience for you and your Little Ones!


Do it now though if you want to claim that bonus though, remember how quickly time goes…and it’s so easy to forget yourself and what you need!

Two mistakes mums make today, which are guaranteed to set you up for a crappy 2019

So, every time I’ve looked at my social media over the last few days, I’ve been bombarded with adverts for new year new you, how you can make 2019 better, time to make those new years resolutions…better year, better you.

This approach makes you make mistake number 1 ~ to look back and focus on all of the hard stuff from the previous year. To think about what you haven’t done well enough, and how you need to do better next year (in come the resolutions laced with guilt and ridiculously high expectations of yourself)

It’s not a bad thing to acknowledge the challenges that you’ve faced, but it’s also important to let it all go…and then focus on everything that you’re grateful for over the last year. That way you’re changing the energy that you take into the next year

The next thing that you do is think about WHO YOU WANT TO BE as a person and as a Mum over the coming year. If there are things that you aren’t happy with, who do you need to be to change them? What knowledge and support do you need in your life to become that person? It could be that you haven’t been as patient as you’d have liked, because you felt so overwhelmed…so you might want to create more space. It could be that you’ve been unable to support your Little One in the way you’d like to, because you’ve felt resentful that your needs aren’t acknowledged…so you might want to make the space for some healing or stress relief for yourself.

Our children will always have challenges…they will change over time. We can’t do anything about that…what we can do is look at how we support ourselves, so that we can be who they need us to be (without any detriment to ourselves)

Once you have decided who you want to be, and what you need to get there…intend it!

Mistake number 2 ~ Just expecting things to change because we start a new year. So often we are told that things get better with time, or that it’s just a phase…but maybe there are ways of giving yourself the care and support, so that you can support your Little One better and move through the difficult time with much more ease and much quicker! And sometimes it doesn’t just take time and it’s not a phase…and if things have been tough all year, it stands a good chance that a different approach is needed!

So today at some point…

1. Write out the tough bits of the year, that you’re happy to let go of…then let them go

2. Write out what you’re grateful for in this year

3. Write out the qualities of who you want to be

4. Write out what you need to become that person

5. Make a commitment to yourself and your Little One that you will take action

I love new year, I love new starts and I love the opportunity to reflect and let go…but I’m going to let you in on a secret ~ I do this pretty much every day!

It helps me to be the person I want to be, to be the mum I want to be and to support other people in the way that I know they need me to.

If when you’ve written your lists, you feel like you could do with a hand in supporting your Little One, in becoming the mum you want to be, in becoming who YOU want to be, then take a look at my Mum’s Online Retreat.

It starts on Monday 4th March and includes so much to help peel away all of the stress and responsibility, relieve the overwhelm, create calm and connection and to fine tune your mother’s intuition!

I know March feels like a long way off, which is why, every Mum who books by Friday 4th Jan will receive two months FREE instant access to my Connected Parenting Academy, so that you can start to receive the support that you need straight away! The Guest Experts I have booked in for these 2 months are AMAZING, so this really is a brilliant bonus to what will already be a life changing experience for you and your Little Ones!


Do it now though if you want to claim that bonus though, remember how quickly time goes…and it’s so easy to forget yourself and what you need!

Happy list writing and if you have any questions about anything I’ve shared here, please get in touch!

The Number 1 Cause of Meltdowns That No-One is Talking About


There are no two ways about it, meltdowns can be really difficult to deal with. They can be so tricky to predict, and by the time our Little Ones are in full meltdown mode, there’s little chance of going back and all we can do is try and recover the situation without too much emotional distress (for them and us!)

There are so many reasons why our children melt down…when the frustration, anger, sadness or upset just get too much and explode out of them. (more…)

3 Reasons Why Your Child is Angry

One of the hardest things to deal with as a mum is anger in our children. It’s an emotion that can trigger the same in us and leave us not dealing with it very well, especially when it seems to come from nowhere.

Anger in children isn’t always what it seems, but can be our interpretation of the emotion or another emotion transformed into anger.

This is why it’s so incredibly important to understand the reason WHY our Little Ones are struggling, and to work with that reason rather than focusing on the behaviour. This doesn’t mean not setting boundaries and allowing them to do whatever they like…it’s important to keep them and others safe.

Here are 3 reasons why your child could be angry… (more…)