Why you HAVE to get rid of Mum Guilt

IMG-5350Mum Guilt has to be the most common thread amongst us all…even above sleep deprivation!

It’s like the minute you become pregnant, you start to feel guilty…because it’s not just you to consider now, and what you do can directly impact your Little One

We then give birth and from then on, the guilt comes thick and fast ALL THE TIME

The thing is that, although a little bit of guilt is ok (it keeps us in check), carrying such immense amounts of grief is toxic…and not just for us, it is for our Little Ones too. (more…)

I couldn’t afford not to…


Last year I invested in myself…it was a big investment at the time, and one I wasn’t sure I could afford.

One thing was certain, I couldn’t afford not to

You know when someone speaks and it feels like they’re talking to you? When you read their posts and sit there nodding your head, with tears in your eyes?

That was me

I loved my life…my little ones and my husband, my family and friends, my work and my home…but there was something missing

There was something missing in me

I wasn’t whole, wasn’t fully me, wasn’t being the best of me…and the way I saw it was, if I wasn’t the best of me, then everyone was getting short changed…including my Little Ones (more…)

Once Upon a Time There Was a Girl

Wow what an intense couple of weeks this has been! Last week we reached the end of an eclipse cycle where we had a full moon with lunar eclipse and then a new moon with partial solar eclipse (and a few solar flares thrown in for good measure!) It’s been a massive time for old stuff coming up to be healed, processed and released…it was a time to shed what we no longer need, so that we can become more whole and who we truly are. It’s not always easy and I’ve got a story to tell you why…

“Once upon a time there was a little girl. Something bad happened to the little girl, but she was too little to have the words to tell anyone and it was too much for her to deal with, so she buried it away deep inside her. Even though it was buried, it created a belief in her and set a pattern that would stay as long as the experience was buried. Throughout her life she had similar experiences that gave her the opportunity to heal, except she didn’t know…they were too hard too, so she buried them as well. (more…)

Understanding this makes life happier


There’s no doubt about it, being a mama can feel like really hard work.

We so desperately just want to do our best for them…for them to be happy and to get the best out of their life, and spend half the time feeling like we’re really screwing up

When we’re preparing to have a baby, we do all of the practical preparation but no one can prepare us for the emotional responsibility we hold right from conception (more…)