Energy Day Retreat

Sat 16th February 10-4pm

Retreat with me…and come back to yourself

This is a day for you to leave the stresses and stains of life behind, and submerge yourself in beautiful supportive energy. You will be held and nurtured, spending time with like minded women. You will have the space and the relaxation you need to get back to who you really are…and take away so much to be able to connect with and understand your Little One (oh and to actually get to sit down and drink actual hot drinks and go to the toilet alone!)

πŸ’•Understanding the current energy shifts and how you can support yourself and our Little Ones ~ essential information for mums of sensitive Little Ones

πŸ’•Beautiful Meditation ~ for deep relaxation that will take you back to the core of who you really are

πŸ’•Stress Relief Session ~ enabling you to let go of the day to day, and go away with a plan to be Overwhelm free

πŸ’•Energy techniques for your families and homes ~ for a greater sense of peace and calm…plus much better sleep!

πŸ’•Chakra work ~ to connect to yourself and what you need right now

πŸ’•Intuitive development ~ to enhance the way you understand and connect to your Little One

πŸ’•Includes refreshments and lunch (with the most amazing food, with all intolerances catered for!) and a gift bag from me

What was it like last time?…

β€œAn amazingly, wonderous, joyous day. Stepping into my own power with an exceptional bunch of women and a phenomenal mentor. I feel grounded, centred and ready to progress. Thankyou so much β€β€œ

β€œI had amazing day from learning new techniques, to experiencing a wonderful meditation and to top it off meeting such lovely ladies. I was a little nervous, out of my comfort zoneΒ  but that soon disappeared as i was made to feel so welcome. I felt calm, at peace and armed to fulfill my wishes and dreams πŸ’•β€œ

β€œI am so pleased that I gave myself the gift of spending such a wonderful day amongst such incredible beings. For the first time since giving birth I felt like I was coming back to me, and it felt so exciting! I left with such positive hope, motivation & inspiration to apply all the wonderful tools I learnt throughout the day, and to reclaim myself, my truth, and my power. And to share the experience with like-minded soul sisters was so joyful. Thank you Jennie πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜˜β€œ

Venue ~ Hogarths Hotel, Solihull

(excellent location to travel from anywhere in the country)

The cost for day retreat including refreshments and the most amazing lunch is Β£200 (instalments available)

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