Healed Mum, Connected Child

Deeper Understanding, Connection & Healing for Mums & their Children

When you become a mum, there are so many unknowns, so many variables, so many different ways of being. But one thing is certain…that you want to be the best mum that you can be for your Little One

How you imagine things to be before your Little One arrives…how you imagine you will be, can be completely different once they are here.

Parenting styles, diet, sleeping arrangements, lifestyle, understanding them energetically…you’ve looked into it all, and you’re doing the best you can for your Little One

But somehow, somewhere you feel like you’re not getting it right…you don’t feel like you are giving your Little One the best of you


Being a mum is the most amazing job in the world…but it’s so hard at times

We just want to do our best, but it’s hard!

Between the sea of (often very unhelpful) information out there, society’s views on how we should be parenting (and where our children should be fitting in) and our own triggers surfacing, it can be a pretty confusing, overwhelming place to be

Our Mother’s intuition is incredibly powerful, but when you’re surrounded by health professionals, well meaning friends and relatives and books, telling you you’re doing it wrong and should do it this way, we end up filled with doubt and terrified we are just going to screw our children up

When confronted by our own childhood experiences, triggered by becoming a parent, it makes it so hard to deal with a situation without projecting our own experiences onto our children’s…would we feel so strongly is we hadn’t experienced that ourselves, or is it important that we did so that we can empathise?!

What if I told you that EVERYTHING you ever need to know about your child and what they need, is inside you?

That all you needed to know how best to support your child, be the best Mum for them AND help them reach their fullest potential, was to release what was triggering you and have a deeper understanding about their subtle development?

Sound too good to be true?!

It is really simple in theory, although releasing what triggers us can sometimes be hard (because we’ve buried it for years, thinking it would fade away…which it never does!)

The thing is, is that it’s going to come up anyway!

By choosing to release, you are taking control

What if I told you that I could help you work through your own stuff, give you the tools to understand what your child is going through AND support them…so that they don’t grow up with decades of emotional baggage like us?!

I can, and here’s how…

We hold all of our experiences, good and bad, in our energy system.

These experiences create our beliefs, our patterns and our programmes (which we very kindly pass down to our children, like our parents did to us)

They don’t fade away, they just stay there…waiting to be triggered

The friends at school who said you couldn’t play with them anymore

The teacher who said you wouldn’t amount to much

The parent who didn’t understand how sensitive you were

The boyfriend who said you were fat

The boss who said you weren’t good enough

Anyone who made you feel unworthy, scared, guilty, low in confidence or self esteem

These experiences create a story…a story that other people told, that WASN’T TRUE

Unless you have healed, processed and released these experiences, they are all there sitting in your energy system creating beliefs and ready to share…pass on down the generations

You may see repeated patterns, you may become a repeated pattern


You can let them go

My Healed Mum, Connected Child programme will help you to support your Little One in a way that you could never have imagined. It will take your connection to the next level and give you a deeper understanding of what they are experiencing, along with the tools to help.

It will also help you identify what is stopping you from being who you want to be…living the life you want to live. It will help you to start to process, heal and release those stuck experiences and associated emotions…to get you on your journey to be the mama you really want to be

Imagine being free from the doubt that has held you back all these years

Imagine being able to release the guilt that weighs you down each day

Imagine being the best version of yourself…and the best mama

Imagine feeling confident enough to know that you can support your Little One in becoming their highest version of themselves, and live their full potential

All of this is possible!


Over the course of 10 weeks, you will receive…

* A module full of information and techniques to help you support your Little One through the most vulnerable years of their life ~ providing them with the most stable foundations, free from emotional baggage to carry into adulthood (Worth £100)

* 8 modules sharing information on each chakra, the chakra cycles and associated emotions, with videos, daily energy exercises and journaling questions ~ to enable you to identify where your blocks, patterns and programmes are held AND where they stem from so that they can start to be healed, processed and released (Worth £400)

* Weekly guided meditations and affirmations ~ to support you in connecting with yourself and going within (Worth £80)

* Ongoing support during the programme in a private Facebook Group ~ to feel completely held throughout your journey (Worth £640)

* 8 Live Calls teaching you the Energy Techniques to heal, release and balance each chakra and chakra cycle ~ enabling you to start your healing process to be the best version of you (Worth £1280)

*2 Live Calls teaching you how to support your Little Ones with the same techniques ~ preventing these patterns from being passed down any further (Worth £320)

PLUS you can upgrade to VIP and receive…

*4 Transformational Change Sessions, including a 30 Minute Coaching Session & Energy Session ~ to assist you in healing, processing & releasing blocks, difficult emotions, programming and patterns (Worth £480) ** There are only 2 VIP places left**

*Message support throughout the programme ~ I am on hand to hold your hand when it feels tough, offering more in depth support (Worth £320)

This information and these techniques will serve you and your Little One for a lifetime

You will be guided, supported and held whilst taking the opportunity to start to heal, process and release what has been holding you back

Are you ready to let go? Because you know that this has to come up at some point…better to be in control of it, and to feel supported whilst you work it through

Are you ready to step into a life that you truly love?

Are you ready to give your best to yourself…and to your family?

Your life will never be the same again!

The information and support is worth £2388 (VIP £3188) but I’ve made this life changing programme available for just £575 (VIP £1040) or 6 instalments of £96 (VIP £174)

The doors close today, click below to join and take the first step towards being the best version of you and the best mum you can be!


* All instalment plans must be paid in full

**This programme does not replace the need for healing with an experienced professional where trauma has taken place