What is it like to work with me? Here is what the Mums I work with have to say…

“Learning new techniques from Jennie has enabled me to be more confident as a mum. That I know what I’m doing and that I’m doing the best for my daughter. It has helped us connect and I feel I have a greater understanding of her and how to help her when she needs it”

“Jennie has honestly changed mine & my children’s lives for the better. She has given me so many techniques to deal with any issues we encounter in a gentle way. I am so much more confident now than at the beginning of my journey & I feel I can cope with all that life throws at us because I have a toolkit of techniques & advice to dig into. I will be eternally grateful for having found Jennie”

“Finding Jennie when I did really did save me. Her gentle approach and the techniques and in depth knowledge and support she offers have benefited our whole family. The confidence I now have in parenting and especially reading my children and knowing what they need is amazing. Jennie is always there for extra support and when you need a reminder that you can do it. And the supportive communities she has developed also help with extended support and guidance. Working with Jennie has been life changing for us all and we are a much happier more well rested family as a result.”

“I don’t know where to start with how much Jennie has helped me grow to become the mum and woman I was supposed to be.  Her natural techniques and guidance will last us a lifetime. I can finally stand within my own power and know confidently, that I am a better person and mum thanks to all the support I’ve been given by Jennie.  It’s been an adventure learning with her, but I know there’s still lots more to come. She’s more than a support, she’s my friend and an earth Angel, sent to guide us in the right direction”

“Working with Jennie is a heady combination of that feeling of a safe space and coming home. Jennie is so talented and over the last few years has helped me on so many levels – fantastic practical advice, amazing healing, sharing wisdom and helping me to believe in myself and my own instincts. It has helped me to feel more confident as a parent and to stand in my power, being my best authentic self. I am so grateful for having found Jennie. She is amazing.”

“Working with Jennie has changed my outlook on many things, for the better. I used to doubt myself, and be hard on myself, especially as a mum. Now I have faith in myself, I trust the decisions I make are the right ones for me and my family. I respect myself. I have learned valuable techniques from working with Jennie that will stay with me for life.”