Work with me

Mum’s Coaching Session ~ £150

For those times when as well as getting to the bottom of what’s going on for your Little One, you could do with someone to talk to…someone who can listen whilst you offload, and give you the space and nurturing support that you need.

Whatever is going on for your Little One, whatever they are struggling with, there is a reason why and a gentle way to help them…I can help you get to the bottom of what’s going on and help you find the best way forward.

The session includes a full situation/behaviour/sleep analysis to get to the root of the issue, and to establish the best way forward. We then have a 30 minute Coaching Session.

* Please note that once the session has been booked I am unable to refund a cancellation as I spend time analysing the information you send straight away after booking

Coaching & Energy Healing Session ~ £347

We hold all of our experiences (positive and negative) in our Energy System. As they build they create a story, made up of beliefs and patterns. These experiences can resurface at any time, bringing the difficult emotions back up with them. We also pick up on other people’s energy and often carry their ‘stuff’ around for them, which affects us energetically, mentally, emotionally and even physically. Our Little Ones pick up on our energy such a lot, so it’s important that we look after our energy hygiene.

This session includes full intuitive analysis beforehand (from booking form) and full Coaching Session. During the Energy Session, I connect to you (and your Little One if requested) and work on your energy system to release any difficult emotions and experiences which are held, your energy field to clear other people’s energy and lift the stickiness of being human out and the endocrine system to support your hormonal function. I also work on a cellular level to release any stress, trauma, old programmes and beliefs from your cells. It’s so amazing to work in this way, bringing all aspects of you together and integrating experiences and energy in order to move forward in wholeness, in all areas of your life.